DSA Justifications

Essay Writer

Supports short term memory

Students can quickly formulate their essays by writing down everything they think of immediately, without the worry of forgetting important pieces of information, or having to remember the essay structure. Essay Writer’s mind mapping feature allows the user to minimise ‘thought bubbles’ which can be used as a memory aid when reciting the hidden information recurrently.
Students can also input relevant deadlines onto specific maps and essays as a reminder.

Referencing support

Instant referencing tool
Inputting resource references to assist with references for books, journals, websites, and images.   

Instant essay output

The split-screen view allows for a ‘live preview’ of what the final essay will look like once exported. Exported files can be saved as a word document or a PDF file.

Manages information

Large amounts of information can be split into manageable chunks. Larger essays can be structured quickly and easily by simply moving the branches.  

Improves structure

Students can manipulate their essays freely in different views. They can simultaneously view their written document and mind map using the split-screen option which not only helps highlight the overall structure of their essay, but it can also help the user engage in both elements of essay writing and create the links between the map structure and essay write up.

Increases productivity

As students are able to get many ideas down instantly using the ‘create ideas’ mode, they will be able to adopt a more efficient way of working. This tool also allows for more time to be spent on organisation and further developing thought processes. 

Reduces stress and anxiety around essay writing

Helps students overcome ‘blank page’ difficulties and allows them to plan and write essays in their own way. A built-in phrase bank also helps to get started with paragraphs and offers appropriate expressions.  

Reduces distraction

Helps to keep the focus on certain parts of the essay but also allows for the user to jump between subjects without needing to switch between applications.