An Introduction to Essay Writer

This is a basic introduction to Essay Writer and how it can be used to help students with SPLD’s manage their work more effectively. 

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What People Are Saying

“I study English Literature but I’m a visual learner so was finding the course difficult. Essay Writer helped me make large texts much more accessible to me as I could break them down and make them visual. Because of Essay Writer, I feel like I have started this semester in more control.”

“My dyslexia often results in me experiencing information overload and organising my thoughts on paper is challenging which often meant the structure of my work wasn’t great. Moving the map around with a split screen was really helpful to me, the paragraph highlighting helped me with my structure and the reference tool was an extra bonus.”  

“I always experienced blank page syndrome when I tried to write my assignments, but Essay Writer helped me overcome this using the fluid workspace and brainstorming mode. I even had better feedback on my assignments as a result!”