Students write faster with Essay Writer

Create it, write it, reference it.

Students write faster with Essay Writer

Essay Writer is a writing tool for students, which is designed to improve organising and writing skills; it also supports the development of essay structure and referencing skills.

Essay Writer View

Improves writing structure

Essay Writer improves student writing through visual tools; students can quickly move around their essays and create a work space that is individual to them. 

Brainstorm, research, structure

There is no need to switch between applications with Essay Writer’s all-in-one design. Students can brainstorm, research, structure, write, edit, reference and publish their work all in one area.

Unique split-screen view

The split screen view allows students to visualise how their essays will look and use maps to plan and structure simultaneously whilst developing their writing skills.


Built-in referencing tool

With the built-in quick referencing tool, citations and bibliographies can be completed as you go, reducing time spent and means students are free to worry less about the additional task.

Why recommend Essay Writer for your students?

Supports short term memory

Increases productivity

Improves structure

Helps reference quickly

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