15 things to remember when you don’t want to study

Slide your way through this blog post to make studying just as easy with our things to remember when studying.
Top tip: Make your own cards from our slides to help memorise the study pointers

#1 Take each day as it comes

Every day will be different, some days you will procrastinate more than others, and this is normal.

#2 You are very lucky

Having access to unlimited knowledge and recourses is such a great thing to have and use to reach your goals

#3 Make yourself proud

When you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment this often extends to wanting to work harder and learn more. Be proud if your achievements.

#4 Trust that you will know what to do

Even if you feel completely lost, once you start a project, everything will fall into place as your mind and ideas naturally flow once you make a start on a project.

#5 Ideas never appear from inactivity

As above, nothing ever happens unless someone, somewhere acts upon an idea or puts in the work to make it happen. You need to action your studying now!

#6 Use your insecurities as a step up

We all have our own doubts and insecurities but never let your lack of confidence get in the way of your success

#7 Only 5 minutes, only today

Repeat this saying over and over as breaking down time and tasks encourages motivation.

#8 Don’t worry if it feels difficult

Remember that nothing that is good is easy. Things that challenge you always become worthwhile and more lucrative for future research and study

#9 Time adds up

If you only study for 1 hour a day, that equals 365 hours a year and you can’t not succeed after so much work

#10 Think if it were someone else

You would always encourage someone to study hard and better themselves, why not do this yourself?

#11 Make mistakes

Your pathway is never going to be mistake free. Every mistake you make increases your levels of success as you learn more. Plus, some of the most successful people in the world have made many mistakes before reaching their goals.

#12 You’ll have to return to this point later

If you give up now, you’ll only have to come back to it later. Each point of your studying has great value to your overall product so try spending a few minutes of each area before moving on – missing some may even obstruct your progress

#13 Let the process be your result

When you have spent time and engrossed yourself into studying this often becomes your final work as interest stimulates higher quality output, no need to redo any of your work!

#14 Face your fears

Look back at every moment you thought your fears would suppress you has become the time you made it.

#15 Look how far you have come already

You’ve already succeeded through education to reach the level you are at now. You’ve likely developed personally too with new knowledge and skills, so why stop there?!

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