Celebrating Neurodiversity Week 2023!

Since launching in 2018, Neurodiversity Week is really gaining traction. Each year has a different theme, this years is “Celebrating Different Mind Types”.

During this week there will be free virtual events for all to attend; there are over 70 speakers planned. Talks will not only be educational but also inspiring; discussions will surround neurodiversity and speakers will share their lived experience and professional expertise.

Neurodiversity Week has seen over 2,600 schools, 200 universities, 1.4m students, 1,200 organisations and 150 charities from around the world pledge their support for the campaign. This is only set to grow! Those behind the campaign aim to continue to raise global awareness of neurodiversity and campion the strengths.


Research shows that neurodiverse teams are 30% more productive than others. Neurotypical people also find that their morale is higher when they work with Neurodivergent colleagues; this also applied to those in education in study groups, for exmaple.

The event schedule and free resources for 2023 are now available on their website, please take a moment to take a look.

Once you have explored the resources, why not collate your information using Essay Writer?!

We hope this information will be useful to you and open up some, otherwise closed, doors. it can also be a great bridge from education to workplace! We’ll look forward to the amazing work from the team behind Neurodiversity Week!


Good luck studying,

The Essay Writer Team

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