How Essay Writer can help students with Dyslexia.

Essay Writer

Blank page difficulties

Students can create a starting point just from their own ideas. It is easier to see how ideas connect and where they can grow. This approach gives the flexibility to get ideas down, and then add a more linear structure at a later point.

Complications with reading

Essay Writer makes it easy to break down information into manageable sections using the mind mapping feature, but also increases reading ability by having the information displayed on the same screen simultaneously using the unique split-screen view

Difficulty sequencing sentences and paragraphs

The integrated phrase bank helps students develop their sentence structuring skills. Essay Writer also has a paragraph highlighting tool which shows the user the start, middle and end of the paragraphs; students will visually see if their words tally up to the identifying colours.  

Weak working memory

Essay Writer eliminates the need for the user to remember where they were when piecing together their essay and allows for all ideas to be put down in one place before they have been forgotten.

Complex information is challenging

Categorising information into smaller and more manageable pieces helps students simplify extensive and detailed information. Coupled with images, this can help make gathering the information needed to complete their essays, much easier to achieve.

Literacy difficulties

Essay Writer’s comprehensive academic phrase bank helps students get started with paragraphs, and appropriate expressions. 

Struggles with organisation

Using a mind map can allow the student to easily organise tasks, ideas, and information in one visual display. Essay Writer is streamlined between map and text view so students can visualise how their work is organised in both views. Ideas and paragraphs can be moved at any time during the essay writing process.   

Slow processing speeds

Students can break down the information, put it into their own words and display it in a clear and concise manner, thus, making it easier to process and understand.

Time management

Students can break tasks up into manageable chunks and implement ‘deadline bubbles’ to prompt when each draft should be handed in, as well as the final copy. 

Retaining infomation

Students can use Essay Writer as a memory aid by creating flash cards and memory maps to be able to return to the same information later without worry. 

Visual learning style

Essay Writer is an interactive visual learning tool which allows for a fluid mind mapping approach to linear essays and eliminates the threat of blank pages. In mind mapping mode, students can design their essay to a way in which works for them.

Difficulty with notes in lectures

Students can create quick, visual note ‘bubbles’ during lectures which promotes quick note taking. Additionally, it simultaneously provides a memory tool and is the start of their research/project.