Dyspraxia & Dyscalculia

How Essay Writer can help students with Dyspraxia & Dyscalculia.

Essay Writer

Extra concentration required for the writing process means thread of thought is lost

Students can create templates and quick brainstorms to then organise later and therefore, they do not need to concentrate on their writing abilities at the planning stage of their essays. 

Lose focus

Essay Writer allows the student to make their own choices and work on whichever section of their essay that they choose, and sections can be flicked between quickly and easily.

Struggle with dexterity

Using a digital software eliminates the need for pen and paper but allows for a way of working that isn’t just typing into a word document.

Linear structures are hard to follow

The fluidity of the mind maps allows for a visual way of working. Having the split-screen view also helps to develop their skills to be able to approach linear assignments with less difficulty.

Issues with recalling number facts

Essay Writer’s ‘idea bubbles’ can be used as flash cards to improve memory and revise information quickly.

Messy workspace

Essay Writer keeps everything in one place which allows for a sporadic approach to research and writing.

Poor filing system and losing work

Students can utilise colour co-ordinating systems and create digital files in a way in which works for them. Using colours is a quick and easy way to create a system that is user friendly. 

Lack of engagement

Students can create small sections and are able to pick and choose which area of their essays they would like to work on; having the flexibility increases user engagement.  

Difficulty with counting

Students can use the split screen view to develop their skills with numerical information. Such skills can be developed by working with the views in tandem or separately depending on individual learning styles.

Difficulty navigating back and forth along a number line

Students can use the mind mapping tool to move around a timeline in a more interactive manner and create a visual tool which helps support their place and concentration.

Problems understanding mathematical concepts such as speed and time

Numbers can be displayed in different ways to encourage understanding. Essay Writer also supports numerical development by encouraging users to approach mathematical concepts in ways they feel more confident.