Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Are you ready for Global Accessibility Awareness Day on 18th May 2023?! This year is the 12th year of celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day. In their own words, ‘The purpose of GAAD is to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital access and inclusion, and the more than One Billion people with disabilities/impairments.’


Keeping technology accessible for everyone is the key theme of this day, and in an era when technology just keeps getting more and more a part of our lives, it’s never been more important. Therefore there is a huge drive to improve the inclusive practice of making digital products accessible, regardless of ability or disability – and to make it a fully accessible part of our daily lives.

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Digital accessibility is the practice of removing barriers on a website, app, or digital product to make it usable for as many people as possible. Studies have shown that 98% of website home pages have at least one WCAG 2.1 failure. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) were developed to encourage better accessibility and functionality online; the guidelines provide recommendations for making Web content more accessible. Therefore, giving the GAAD even more value.

Accessibility is so important; there are 14.1 million disabled people in the UK, which is around 1 in 5 people of the population. Plus, as specified on the GAAD website, there are one billion disabled people worldwide. Not to fret! We have considered all the above when developing Essay Writer.


We wanted to shout about Global Accessibility Awareness Day as being software which is part of an ever growing assistive technology area, it’s immensely important that GAAD drives, well, exactly that, awareness of technology! We know just how much technology and software has changed lives and made otherwise difficult tasks, i.e., reading, writing, organising, easier to manage.


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If you would like to get involved or know more about GAAD, follow this link. Everything you need to know about Essay Writer and how to utilise this assistive technology, can be found here.


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