How to get stuff done!

Isn’t it something that is commonly thought of students being lazy, or they leave all their work until the last minute? Surely, this isn’t completely true?! Well, maybe students do avoid studying but this may be down to a number of reasons from social and emotional challenges to difficulties with certain areas, i.e., mathematics.

But the most important thing for all students to remember is to not lose track of everything they need to achieve their goals. This is the focal point of this blog post, once this statement is solidified like concrete everything will seem so much simpler. So, here we go… Let us here at Essay Writer help you, the superhuman student, get stuff done!

Firstly, make a quick to-do list. Don’t spend any longer than 1 hour maximum on this task, it’s so easy to get too hung up on the details and you’ll start making lists for the sake of making lists. We don’t want you to do that! You need to be resourceful with your time – think about this when jotting down your ‘to-do’s’.

Once you have made your quick list, prioritise the tasks. Again, do this quickly, no longer than 1 hour for this task either. The quicker you shift through all task and order them into priority tiers, the more honest of an outlook you will get from your task list. Think of it this way, when you’re given a quick fire ‘this or that’ quiz, you’ll often shout out your truest thoughts within that instant – apply this to your prioritising.

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 Set yourself realistic deadlines for all those tasks. You may want to spend a little longer on this part because you need to make sure you’re not going to sell yourself short on time – time is precious, and we need to use it well. This is also the time to consider your social time, make sure you don’t scrape on this. Socialising is all part of university life as well as your general mental health. You never know, you may inadvertently encounter an answer you have been seeking to a question in the most unexpected of places!

Make sure you manage your stress levels. If you stick to your plan and timescales then you should only experience a small amount of stress – unfortunately, we can’t say that all stress will be alleviated as studying does come with some stress. But nothing you can’t handle – just a minor inconvenience. Should you feel more than just a little niggle of stress follow these simple steps to help manage this. Breathe, time a moment, and do something you love.

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If it’s something that you’re not interested in, then this may well be a huge preventative factor of getting work done. Maybe approach your tutor and discuss if there’s any way you can approach the module from a slightly different angle; are the suggested topics an extensive list or are they just that, suggested? This is a great way to create some self interest in an area that may otherwise be rather dull and therefore, you’ll be much more engaged as it’s something you enjoy!

Most importantly, give yourself a second chance. It’s okay if your plan doesn’t quite go to plan. Let’s face it, it’s not often that things do follow plan A so don’t be harsh on yourself if you need to return to the drawing board midway through. If anything, you’ll likely be surprised at how much you’ve achieved if you do return to step 1 of your schedule.

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