Self Care Tips for Students

If you have ever felt a crushing amount of pressure whilst studying, nearing the point of not being able to cope, you’re not alone.

National student surveys have exposed some shocking statistics; almost six out of ten young (57%) people said they have become stressed because of a fear of making mistakes. Additionally, three out of ten (29%) said they had self-harmed because of feeling high levels of stress. A further four out of ten (39%) had experienced suicidal feelings as a result of stress.

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With 60% of students feeling immense stress from the pressure to succeed to the point of feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope, the spotlight has turned in multiple directions. One being towards education and educators and the others being, students and their personal coping abilities.

It’s not only education that piles on the pressure, students also often feel pressure to land a decent job, live in a reasonable accommodation, comfortably pay for food and other personal items as well as build a whole new group of friends – unfortunately, sometimes those groups that were formed in the school playground can spill over into the higher education grounds too.

 Even simply being away from home is a great pressure too; you’re an adult now out in the world alone without parental guidance and support yet you feel you’ve still got to accomplish everything and more than is expected of an adult.

Excuse me but, how are you supposed to know what to do?! There’s no rehearsal of this, you straight into the deep end!

Additionally, it’s without surprise that the recent Covid-19 pandemic has had a lot of influence on most students and their mental health. NUS, who run the annual National Student Survey canvassing the opinions of students, even conducted a survey primarily for the impact of Covid-19 amongst students.

You can read the full report here. Some major points arose from this study such as, as whopping 52% of students say their mental health has deteriorated or been affected negatively by Covid-19 but only 29% have sought help. As quick maths suggests, there’s an awful lot of students still out there struggling to cope.

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Therefore, it is vital to look after yourself more than ever when experiencing the stress of studying. Not to worry, the Essay Writer team have put our heads together to create a list of ten top tips to get you through.

Tip #1

Prioritise yourself

Tip #2

Keep communication and connections going

Tip #3

Go outdoors!

Tip #4

Give yourself permission to have ‘sad and bad’ days

Tip #5

Get mindful

Tip #6

Do what you love 

Tip #7

Sleep it off

Tip #8

Be smart with food choices

Tip #9

Create a strong support system

Tip #10

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

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