Windows Installation

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How to install on Microsoft Windows:

Depending which browser, you are currently using run the .exe file.

Microsoft Edge will look like this:

Google Chrome will look like this:

Firefox will look like this (with Firefox just save the file and then run it after):

Once you have run the .exe file you should then be brought to the first installation screen.

Click ‘next’ on this screen and continue on with the installation. This will then bring you to the license agreement.

Once on the licence agreement read through it, if you agree then press on ‘I accept’ and then press ‘next’. This takes you to the customer information page.

On the customer information page, you can enter your name and organisation. Once done press the ‘next’ button to get to the next screen.

On this screen you can change the file installation path. Once happy with the installation path, press the ‘next’ button to go to the next screen.

Now you can install the program. Review your settings and press the ‘install’ button. After the install button has been pressed the installation will begin.

Once the installation has finished, you will be presented with another screen and that is the ‘The InstallShield Wizard has successfully installed EssayWriter’ Screen. Press ‘finish’ button.